NBC Peacock (1957)-0

NBC Peacock (1957)-0


640px-NBC Laramie peacock

NBC (National Broadcasting Company) is a television network that originally started as a radio network back in 1926. It is most well known for it's Peacock trademark. It's living color ident comes in two different versions. One version began use from 1957 to 1962, while the other logo began use from 1962 through 1975.

Logo descriptionsEdit

The original 1957 ident starts as a white feather-less peacock standing on a black background. Wire framed feathers fold out of the peacock. Colours fade in and flash on the feathers, and then bloom, becoming thicker and getting tear-drop like tips on the top of them, finishing the logo.

The 1962 logo fades in with a kaleidoscope of colors rotating. It wipes out to a slightly different version of the background with the peacock from before (without feathers, again). The kaleidoscope shrinks down forming not only the feathers, but the finished logo from before. There are many versions to this logo, you can find them on video-sharing websites such as Youtube. A black and white penguin was used as a substitute for the Peacock in a 1967 airing of the Beatles movie A Hard Day's Night, giving the film was in B&W. Later versions use a lower tone version of the music.

Scare FactorsEdit

1957 version - Low to nightmare. The dramatic announcer and bombastic music may send chill's down one's spine.

1962 version - None for the original version. The lower toned version and the Special Program variant slide this up to nearly sadistic levels. Goodbye to all that Version - None. The normal announcer saying “The following program is brought to you in lived color” NBC Cause Along with the message Thanks For Watching