We see a skyline of a city (Sydney, Australia). There are grey clouds in the background, and a river beneath. An airplane flies to the left of the city. Suddenly, a bright flash occurs and covers the whole screen. When the flash dims out, we see a mushroom cloud explosion destroy all of the city. Once the city is destroyed, the letter M zooms in quickly, and other letters zoom in quickly and forms the text "MUSHROOMPICTURES". The scene cuts to a rapid montage of images (most of them are psychedelic): A rainbow-colored spiral An orange, blue and pink fractal arc A fractal spiral with the shades of blue A weird looking black and red shape A radially-blurred image of the yellow dandelion Rainbow fractal circles over the blue background A red and yellow background The same fractal spiral with the shades of blue A different orange, blue and pink fractal arc An orange, green, and blue triangle background A rotating starry background with a big star in the middle A radially-blurred image of the rose And a radially-blurred footage of a blinking eye The eye then zooms into the screen quickly, leaving the text "MUSHROOMPICTURES" on a black background.

Cheesy Factor: Even for it's time, this logo goes far off the charts! The flash, explosion, and the destruction of the city are cheap CGI. The letters zooming in are choppy, and all the transitions are very abrupt and unprofessional. Also, everything shown after the explosion was very unnecessary and can cause seizures, and they stole the music from a different logo. This is definitely one of the most ridiculous logos ever, but it may have been intentional. Did Michael Bay direct this?

Scare FactorEdit

Medium. All of the crazy action going on can definitely scare more than a few people, although the cheesiness of the logo can tone down the scare factor for some.

Watch if you dareEdit

Mushroom Pictures (or the most ridiculous logo ever)

Mushroom Pictures (or the most ridiculous logo ever)

Worst Logo!!

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