We see a space background of the Milky Way galaxy for a few seconds, then suddenly, giant DVDs and VHS tapes fly at us in a horizontal direction. We see the respective logos on the reflections of the DVDs: the first one has Tokyo Shock, the second: AnimeWorks, the third: Kitty Media, and the fourth: Media Blasters. The camera turns around and goes inside one of the VHS tapes. A flash, and then a pink-orange star reveals the words "MEDIA BLASTERS" in a font that resembles the font of the Spider-Man movie series. The star gradually fades away, and the black background with some stars, fades in. A few seconds later, the text zooms in at lightning speed.

Media Blasters Logo 2000-201200:38

Media Blasters Logo 2000-2012

Scare factorEdit

Medium to nightmare; a lot of people who have seen this logo can't stand it. First-time viewers will be shocked by the gigantic DVDs and VHS tapes, the text zooming in extremely fast and loud, ethereal music. Might be a little less scary for those who are used to seeing it.

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