You're watching the credits to the shows "Dirt" and "House of Lies" for the first time. There's a cute and calm string of logos. A nice pop song as the fragments of a colorful Crescendo appear. A rich white cat meowing. White wipes away to reveal a Refugee. Suddenly it happens. You see a clown's face which zooms out to reveal the clown playing (and in need of serious practice of) a toy violin. This is on a red orange background and the company name is hyperactively moving. The string moves on to other logos as your shocked mind tries to comprehend what you just saw. The clown haunts you in your dreams that night. 

It turns out you are a victim of Matthew Carnahan Circus Projects's logo.

Scare Factor: High to nightmare. WHO CAME UP WITH THIS?! The clown, fast pace, and most of all the awful violin song all make for one nightmare machine, but not so much for those used to it. Some say this logo is Steven Bocho Productions's rival. 
Evil violin clown
Crescendo Productions Totally Commercial Films Refugee Matthew Carnahan Showtime00:14

Crescendo Productions Totally Commercial Films Refugee Matthew Carnahan Showtime

Go ahead and try the logo for yourself.

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