MPI Video (1984)00:14

MPI Video (1984)

Old MPI Home Video Logo00:22

Old MPI Home Video Logo

MPI Home Video Logo00:09

MPI Home Video Logo

Opening & Closing to Dark Shadows (1991 Series) E2 1993 VHS07:44

Opening & Closing to Dark Shadows (1991 Series) E2 1993 VHS

MPI Home Video Logo "Filmstrip"00:13

MPI Home Video Logo "Filmstrip"

MPI Home Video (20th Year)00:12

MPI Home Video (20th Year)


MPI Home Video was founded in 1976, but they had no logo until 1984. MPI stands for "Maljack Productions, Inc." It is a subsidiary of MPI Media Group.

On a black background, we see a silver "MPI" in a stylized font zooming in. Once it stops zooming, the bottom part of the background turns orange (kind of like the background used in CBS' "Great Moments" IDs). "MPI" then "shines" with the outlining and "pings".

FX/SFX: The first logo has the zooming in and the shining of the words. The second logo has the glowing of the words and the haze. The third logo has the rotating and the shining. The fourth logo has the animation in the logo. The fifth logo has the fading in and out of the logo.

Music/Sounds: The first, third and fifth logo has none. The second logo has a gentle synth/woodwind theme. The fourth logo has a trumpet portion with two notes, then six more notes, then a piano portion, and ends with one more trumpet note.

Availability: The first can be seen on The Honeymooners "Lost Episodes" VHS tapes. The second is common on early Dark Shadows VHS releases and ABC News documentary videos. The third is found on mostly on Dark Shadows VHS releases (original and 1991-92 versions). Also on mid-1990s VHS releases of The Prisoner. The fourth is found on the original DVD of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The fifth logo can be seen on newer Blu-ray releases, such as Baraka.

Scare Factor:

The first, second and third logos: Low.

The fourth logo: None to minimal.

The fifth logo: None. It's boring.

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