Mgm Story When The Lion Roars01:08

Mgm Story When The Lion Roars

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MGM Home EntertainmentEdit

MGM Home Entertainment (formerly known as MGM/CBS Home Video, MGM/UA Home Video, and MGM DVD) is the home entertainment company for MGM and UA movies.

Scare FactorEdit

For MGM/CBS Home Video:

1st Logo: Medium, because the fanfare is so cheesy, it could be a little scary.

2nd Logo: Same as 1st.

For MGM/UA Home Video:

1st Logo:  Same as the MGM/CBS Home Video logos. NIGHTMARE for the 1990 MGM/UA Laserdisc Sampler and TV spots for Desperate Hours and Death Warrant due to Leo's roar.

NIGHTMARE for the Diamond Jubillee variant.

None for the color variant.

2nd Logo:

NIGHTMARE for the opening variant due to the filmstrip moving weird. NIGHTMARE for the closing logo.

For MGM Home Entertainment:

NIGHTMARE due to Leo's roar.


1st Logo:

Same as CLG Wiki's Scare Factor.

2nd Logo: NIGHTMARE due to the flying circles and Leo's roar.

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