Lumiton was the first Argentinian film company, founded in 1931. During the 1940's, the Argentinian Cinema Golden Age, this company became the most important. Closed in 1952 due to political and economic problems.

Scare Factor Edit

Depends of the quality:

  • Medium to high for the original logo. The atmosphere is considerably dark (even given the footage is in black and white), and the sounds of the gong and trumpet may unnerve many viewers. Not to mention it has a live action shirtless man (a la Caution Video), whose very slow movement to hit the gong can produce a very eerie effect to some viewers.
  • Distorted versions of the logo (such as the first linked video above) can range from medium to nightmare. The extremely scratchy and warped depiction of the logo (in both its visuals and sounds) can disturb many people, especially as the logo is initially still like a picture before it actually plays.




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