This logo is the American certificate mark arm of Laserdisc, and it appears on a majority of Laserdiscs that were released from approximately 1981 after the end of MCA DiscoVision to the late 90s. American Laserdisc production ended in 2000, while disc production in Japan continued until approximately 2001. Stand-alone players ceased production around that time as well, but combination LD/DVD players were produced until late 2009, when Pioneer discontinued the final combo player models.

This logo was used mostly on U.S. titles pressed by Pioneer and, in some cases, DiscoVision Associates (a spinoff of MCA DiscoVision).


Logo Behavior FactorEdit

Rough to OK. The in-your-face animation, dark color scheme, cheesy effects and somewhat ominous music can get to some.

Watch if you dare.Edit

LaserVision Logo 1981-199900:12

LaserVision Logo 1981-1999

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