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Klasky Csupo (also known as The Klasky Csupo Robot, the SSF, or Splaat) is a logo that has appeared on most of their productions 


It replaces the earlier graffiti logo used from 1991-1998 and was reused from October 20th 2002 - March 1st 2003.

It starts over a purple TV-static background, where black and blue ink splatters suddenly appear in the respective order, then a hand quickly sweeps across the screen and drops Splaat. It says "Klasky Csupo" in a robot-like voice before fading out (provided by the "Boing" novelty voice from the text-to-speech program on Mac computers) as blocks that form the KC logo come out of the mouth. The blocks form the usual KC logo and 2 black boxes slide in from the top and the bottom, changing the background to black and covering the face. The "Y" changes from white to purple when its Done rolling. Finally, we hear 3 cartoon sound effects in the following order: A lip-flapping sound, a goose honk, and a boing sound and if it does the boing sound the logo fades out.

In Rugrats Go Wild! and Immigrants, there is another logo where it is on a dark, very green city skyline with a Klasky Csupo statue in the background. A silhouette of a rooster can be seen. The sun rises into the sky, revealing more of the red rooster and the city, and it wakes up by opening its eyes (which appear to be recycled from Splaat's eyes from the previous logo). It yells out "WAKE UP!" while the blocks of the K-C are flying around the scene. The sun brightens even more, the KC logo blocks are joined together to form the logo and the rooster is somehow no longer there or exploded.

Additional InfoEdit


The rooster variant.

Klasky Csupo has given a name to the "robot" character on their site- "Splaat". He apparently has some YouTube webisodes releasing soon (possibly around 2014) and he is on Facebook, and was going to be a star (on his own show). It is also revealed that Splaat is 16 and has a little brother named Digital (whose face resembles Splaat, except that it is purple and red instead of purple and yellow). Splaat's ink blob is now purple instead of black.

Strangely, the KC Splaat logo appeared on early airings of a SpongeBob episode "Wet Painters/Krusty Krab Training Video" since May 10th, 2002. The error was later corrected in 2006 when it was replaced by the United Plankton Pictures logo.

Scare Rank: Robot/RoosterEdit

  • High to nightmare It is scary for babies and infants. The scary face and voice are known to creep out several as a young child. It becomes less scary later on. Some children might find it funny, though adults may find it annoying. but this logo is less scary compared to the alternate version.
  • Wild Thornberrys Movie:
  • Nightmare. The cheap animation and the fake smiling makes this a LOT scarier, including the black background, creepy face, and, so far, the fake smiling it makes it more scarier then wildbrain & dan Curtis!
  • 2003 Rooster Version: Medium - The rooster yelling "WAKE UP!!" and the techno music creeped A few people out.


Klasky Csupo Robot Logo00:06

Klasky Csupo Robot Logo

Klasky Csupo Robot

Klasky Csupo Robot Logo (Newer Version 2002) HD00:07

Klasky Csupo Robot Logo (Newer Version 2002) HD

Klasky Csupo Robot (Wild Thornberrys Movie Version)

© Klasky Csupo Rooster Logo00:13

© Klasky Csupo Rooster Logo

Klasky Csupo Robot

Another picture of the Klasky Csupo Robot.


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