Scare Factor: Minimal Edit

  • Graffiti: Low to medium. The cut to the logo is jarring, the random sound effects, animations, and styles may catch you off guard, and the fast pace of the abridged may suck you up, but it's a memorable logo and a favorite for those who remember seeing it.
  • Robot/Splaat: It can range from low to nightmare. Splaat looks creepy, the ink splatter is jarring, and the rest of the logo is random and disjointed. Children will probably find the logo nightmare-inducing (though some can find it funny), though adults might find it merely annoying.
  • Alternate: Medium to nightmare; the cheaper animation and Splaat smiling can be even more unsettling. The unexpected transition from the credits to the logo doesn't help. The scare factor is lower for those who expected this and/or are not freaked out by the normal logo.
  • 2002-2005 Splaat: Low to high; this version includes a 20% more friendlier Splaat, some may find it boring, Splaat is more zoomed out than the Normal Version. But it's even also unscary.
  • Still Version: None, as it skips Splaat altogether, which makes it much less scary for those who are scared of the normal logo.
  • 2003 Rooster logo: None to low. The rooster screaming and the loud music can bother some, otherwise just plain harmless and an improvement over the previous logo.
Klasky Csupo Robot Logo

Klasky Csupo Robot Logo