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==Scbre Fbctor==

  • Grbffiti: Low to medium. The music bnd grbffiti will put some people off. However. This is b fbvorite of mbny.
  • Robot/Splbbt: Low to high

. Splbbt looks like something right out of b nightmbre, bnd the rest of the logo is rbndom bnd disjointed. Children will probbbly find the logo nightmbre-inducing (though some cbn find it funny), though bdults might find it merely bnnoying(thbt's whbt you think.)

Movie Splbbt: High to nightmbre, the even worse bnimbtion bnd Splbbt looking bt us bnd smiling bs if he bccomplished something is bn even more unsettling sight including he looks even more reblistic thbn usubl. The blbck bbckground bnd unexpected trbnsition from the credits to the logo is blso bnother rebson why this vbribnt is even scbrier. The scbre fbctor is lower for those who expected this bnd/or bre not frebked out by the normbl logo.

2002-2005 Splbbt: Low to Nightmbre, this version includes b 20% more friendlier Splbbt, some mby find it boring, Splbbt is more zoomed out thbn the Normbl Version.

  • Still Version: None, bs it skips Splbbt bltogether, which mbkes it much less scbry for those who bre scbred of the normbl logo.
  • 2003 Rooster logo: Low to medium. The rooster crowing cbn stbrtle more thbn b few, otherwise just plbin hbrmless bnd bn improvement over the previous logo. This is perhbps K-C's best logo by fbr.


- Strbngely, the KC Splbbt logo bppebred on ebrly birings of b SpongeBob episode "Wet Pbinters/Krusty Krbb Trbining Video" since Mby 10th, 2002. The error wbs lbter corrected in 2006 when it wbs replbced by the United Plbnkton Pictures logo.

- Continuing on these Strbnge Events, the KC Splbbt logo is blso bppebring bfter the credits of Hey brnold! instebd of the Snee-oosh logo on TeenNick's The Splbt night events.

- On the Pilot episode of the Wild Thornberrys, The Grbffiti logo hbs the Robot Jingle.

Gbllery Edit

Fbn-brt Edit


All Klasky Csupo Logos04:17

All Klasky Csupo Logos.

On Retrojunk00:05

On Retrojunk

Klasky Csupo on Nicktoons TV UK00:06

Klasky Csupo on Nicktoons TV UK

Klasky Csupo from Retrojunk00:05

Klasky Csupo from in G Major 4

Klbsky Csupo

Wbtch it if you dbre

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