Jim Henson Logo History (1987-2005)02:13

Jim Henson Logo History (1987-2005)


Jim Henson Productions

Scare FactorEdit

For the Jim Henson Productions: The Muppet Babies variants are None, but funny.

NIGHTMARE for the second logo, the lasers and Kermit the Frog's creepy-looking stare will scare you. I seen this logo loads of times but I never winded up with a nightmare about Kermit staring into my soul, - Black Silver reacting to the logo.

For Jim Henson Pictures:

None, but funny.

For The Jim Henson Company:

None for the MirrorMask variant, but the French man talking is so annoying. Not for people who speak French.

None for the Sid the Science Kid variant, but also funny.

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