JacobH Horror was founded on February 9, 2017 as a horror movie division of JacobH Features.

First Logo (2017-) Edit

Nicknames: "Falling Head", "The Cheesiest Logo Of 2017", "Cheesiest Logo Ever!", "Every Bloodstained Ever", "Why Would It Think That He Is Dead?", "The OTHER Happy Song Is Slowed Down"

Logo: On a black background, we see some white squares forming. Only for a red one to appear. Next, the white squares disappear and we see the JacobH logo and the text "HORROR" zoom in and out. Jacob appears and does his pose. A second later, his head falls out with a shocked face. Some blood appear right when the head falls off screen. After this, the JacobH byline fades in.

Trivia: This logo was featured in the Carolco Intro Bloopers S2 episode, "Here We Go... AGAIN!!!".

FX/SFX: Everything. From the squares, text and Jacob's head falling off to the blood spilling out.

Cheesy Factor: Horribly done animation! The blood looks like boxes and it looks like it was done with Microsoft PowerPoint. This logo tries to be scary, but it fails miserably. It's more funny, actually.

Music/Sounds: The quick edited and revamped version of "The OTHER Happy Song" by Jacob Harvey from Marbl3s III. However, when the head falls off and the blood comes out it slows down.

Availability: Can be seen on some JacobH horror movies. One example is The GRiNDER. The short version is seen on one episode of Boogie: Halloween Special. The still variant can be seen on some trailers from JacobH Horror.

Scare Factor: Low bordering to medium. This logo is so bad it's more laughable than scary. But some may be shocked when the head falls off. So this is a nightmare-inducing logo, if the blood forming may scare some people and first-time viewers were used to seeing it.

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