Jacob Horror was founded on October 9, 2016 as a horror movie division of Jacobs Horror Features.

First Logo (2016-) Edit

Nicknames: "Falling Head", "The Cheesiest Logo Of 2016", "Cheesiest Logo Ever!", "Every Bloodstained Ever", "Why Would It Think That He Died?", "The OTHER Creepy Song Jacob.EXE Logo

Logo: On a black background, we see Neon.EXE forming. Only for a red one to appear. Next, the white Neon was dead and we see the Jacob630 logo and the text "HORROR" zoom in and out. Jacob630 appears and does his pose. A second later, his head falls out with a shocked face. and then the word A Jacob Productions in Bloody Font

Trivia: This logo is coming soom in the project on Scratch called "CBS 1967 Logo Bloopers 6"

FX/SFX: Everything. From the Neon, text and Jacob's head falling off to the blood spilling out.

Cheesy Factor: Horribly done animation! The blood looks like boxes and it looks like it was done with Scratch 1.4 . This logo tries to be scary, but it fails miserably. It's more stupid, actually.

Music/Sounds: The quick edited and revamped version of "The Game Over song from Sonic.EXE" . However, when the head falls off and the blood comes out it slows down.

Availability: Can be seen on some Scratch in the Ghostes. One example is The Ulimate.EXE Adventures The short version in seen on the end credits of Ask Suitcase: Halloween Special. The still variant can be seen on some Halloween trailers from Jacob Horror.