This screen appears when you turn off a Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME (Windows 9x), or Windows XP computer. The logo is the with the text ''It's now safe to turn off your computer.'' in red-orange below it on a black background.

The XP version has the same version, but the 2001-2006 Windows logo is shown and below it as the same text from the last logo, but in white instead.

This actually could happen on any machine, if that machine's hardware doesn't support ACPI.

Scare Factor Edit

Low to medium. The red-orange text on a black background cannot settle with many people. If it is frozen, it is medium to high. It will scare the most people out of the others, and will make many stay up at night. Even the Wiggles may be awake all the time, not even the purple sleepy Wiggle can sleep!

Minimal for the XP version, but it’s minimal to high if it’s frozen. The black background can still startle some. It applies to awake the Wiggles, including the purple Wiggle.

None for those who are used to all of them.