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The Incorporated Television Company (ITC) was a British television distribution company founded by television mogul Lew Grade in 1954 as the distribution unit of ATV (AssociatedTeleVision), one of the ITV franchises; it later branched out into TV series and feature film production. In 1995, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment acquired ITC Entertainment Group. PolyGram was later acquired by Seagram and Sons on December 10, 1998. In January 1999, Carlton Communications acquired the ITC library. Most of the ITC library, with certain exceptions (The Dark Crystal is held by Universal with Sony Pictures Entertainment handling video rights, and The Evil That Men Do is owned by co-distributor Tri-Star Pictures through Sony Pictures Entertainment), is now owned by ITV Studios Global Entertainment, a subsidiary of ITV plc.

Info Edit

On a dark blue space background, three diamonds appear, red, green, and blue respectively, "interlocked" within each other and spinning around like a top. From the center of the screen, a white ITC logo, designed much like last time but now turned slightly upward, zooms out and quickly moves to the left side, as the word "ENTERTAINMENT" appears alongside. At the end of the logo, the ITC logo fades out to make room for the word "Presents", the ending version is similar, but has the word "FROM" next to the logo with no "Presents" following it. When introduced in 1973, the ITC logo zooms into the center of the screen after which either the word "PRESENTS", "PRODUCTION", or "DISTRIBUTION" pop up under it before the sequence fades out. It was replaced with the more familiar version by 1977.

Additional InfoEdit

The logo is uncommon to rare. The ITC library was, at the time this was first compiled, in the hands of Carlton Television, a company not known for preserving logos or even other corporate identities (it renamed two of its UK Television Stations, Central (the former "ATV") and Westcountry under the Carlton name several years ago; the names of those stations were reinstated after Carlton merged with Granada in 2003), and some shows which had the logo have been updated with the 1989 ITC logo or other company logos (for instance,The Muppet Show, originally an ITC/ATV-Jim Henson co-production, had the scene with the in-credit notice re-shot in-order to update the in-credit notice with a newer one, probably because Disney got the rights to the Muppets years later or maybe that ITC might have only distributed The Muppets) or left without a logo at all. Most in-credit versions are usually left alone (see below for more information). The logo was recently spotted on an airing of the 1985 film Sweet Dreams on WGN America, which in the latter case, it surprisingly plasters over the Tristar Pictures logo, as well as the IVE release of The Saint. In the latter case, it even plasters over the 3rd logo! It also appears in the MST3K episode "Cosmic Princess" (Which is just really episodes of Space: 1999 all shown at once). This may also appear on a few tapes from Magnetic Video and its later incarnations, particularly if the tape is of a TV movie. For example, the original centered variant kicks off the Magnetic Video release of The Dancing Years.

Gallery Edit

Scare FactorEdit

Medium to nightmare. The scary music (which is the same composed by Jack Parnell from the previous as before, but a bit louder), creepy design, and the seizure-laden (though may not look as seizure-laden on some point of view) background make this an unsuspecting fear factor, and the scare factor might increase to High to Nightmare if you see it twice at both the start and very end. None for the in-credit version. Nonetheless, This logo is a favorite of those who grew up with classic ITC shows like Space: 1999, UFO, The Prisoner, The Muppet Show, Thunderbirds and other cult action/science fiction/fantasy shows or films such as The Dark Crystal, The Last Unicorn, and Saturn 3. Contrary to scariness, American kids of the era (70s and 80s, mostly due to the association with Space 1999 and The Muppet Show) often frequently looked forward to seeing the opening ITC logo as it was often regarded as a precursor of a very cool show to follow.

Watch if you DareEdit

ITC opening closing logos, 198500:19

ITC opening closing logos, 1985

The History of ITC Entertainment (1959-1997)02:23

The History of ITC Entertainment (1959-1997)

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