Hyperlogo came from 19 other logos

Logos Edit

Coca-Cola (red)

CNN (green)

Disney (lightblue)

LJN (rainbow)

Burger King (red of Orange)

20th Century Fox (Gold)

McDonald's (blue)

Universal (lightgray)

Nickelodeon (brown)

Screen Gems (red - Orange)

XBOX (Green)

PlayStation (azure)

GameCube (magenta)

Cartoon Network (beige)

CBS (white)

Pepsi (gold)

TiVo (dark blue)

Sony (brightest-lightest gray)

United States Postal Service (dark red)



The Red text "Hyperlogo" falls from the sky.

While the text hits the ground, the letters "o" turn into fuse lit bombs.

After everything the text exploded and All of the logos with their colors fall from the sky.

Even when the background fades to black, the music plays until it ends.

Music Edit

"Lightbulb has a Sparta Pulse V7 Mix"

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