Horror Factory Terror Visio And Beyond Factory is a small French company based in London founded by Philippe Bazelle, specializing in horror and non-horror movies.

Scare Factor Edit

Horror Version: Nightmare, to Heart Attack. The ominous environment, the screams, the disturbing screaming face rectangle, the creature and especially the jump scare all adds up to make definitely one of the scariest logos ever. However, the scare factor is lower for those who are used to it, and for those who were expecting the jump scare. Plus, according to the fact that this a horror and non-horror company, this is a very fitting and a intentionally scary and fine logo. Non-Horror Version, medium to none, The Logo Is Much Better, but The Room Is Dark And It Turn On The Light the disturbing normal face rectangle, the people sees and talking to you and it can't have jump scare anymore this logo, but it still looks scary although, it's a lot calmer now.