1st logo as seen on the muppets this version has one of the puppets blowing into a saxophone and the words HIT! Entertainment come out of the logo. 2nd version it has the hit entertainment logo but it has multiple blocks with the same letters on them H.I. And T. . 3rd version as seen only on Thomas and friends king of the railway and this time it has a DUN DUN at the end. 4th version the beggining is shortened that's all. 5th and final version seen on fireman Sam only On the cgi series it has the block zooming on the screen it is LITERALLY 3 AND A HALF SECONDS LONG! that's short ==scare factor== 1st logo. low to nightmare. kids might be scared shitless of the scary puppet and the saxaphone blow may startle anybody. 2nd version none to medium it's a cute logo but it gets to medium because they don't except freakin' multiple blocks!. 3rd version nightmare the DUN DUN at the end will sure scare some crapless. 4th version none its a harmless logo. 5th version high to nightmare the sudden appearance is sure to give some a heart attack only for people who aren't excpecting it but for those who ARE excpecting it will sure do nothing.