Heroes of the Storm is a 2013 logo designed by Blizzard Entertainment.

What makes this logo scary is the angular letters in the title, and all six of the people in the picture. From top to bottom on the left, you see an evil demon who looks like an Inuyasha demon from Inuyasha. Next is what seems to be Winnie The Pooh but the coloring from his face is gone. Then you have a a skeleton holding a large sword, which may be terrifying to children who are scared of sharp objects.

From top to bottom on the right, you can see another Inuyasha demon. Next you have a nightmare-ish "Witch Doctor" who has large teeth and feathers on his head, making him look like a velociraptor from Jurassic Park. Lastly, a hamburger hill veteran with a tube is visible.

Additionally, there are several game modes and maps that require you to collect skulls. Scare Factor; Low To High. It is highly recommended you do not let children under the age of 14 play this game, as it might scare them. Umm.... line