Nicknames Edit

  • I Like Licking Things
  • The TV Destroyer
  • The Ax Man
  • Creepy Ax Man
  • The Heavy Metal Logo
  • Wrecking TV
  • The Shining Gone Crazy


We fade in to a garage with a zombie-looking man with a goatee. He holds an axe and says, "I like licking things!", and chuckles. And then some off-screen people laugh at him (if you listen very closely). We then pan to a CRT television on and the Helltimate Studio logo is superimposed over the TV. After a few seconds, the man shouts and then destroys the TV with his axe many times, and then pieces of glass break off the TV, and then we suddenly cut to black and then the logo displays with the old projector effect on it.


Mostly live action.

Cheesy factor Edit

This has so many things wrong with it, it's hard to know where to begin with. The whole segment with the zombie man seems amateurishly made, not to mention you can hear people in the background laughing. And why is there a high-heel shoe near the television? Also, the man's voice sounds like a failed G1 Megatron impersonation. They destroyed a perfectly good CRT TV as well. And come to think of it, was the part with the man really necessary? This looks exactly like a logo blooper!

Music/Sounds Edit

The man saying "I like licking things!", the people laughing, the man's growl, the ax sounds, and after, rock music plays.

Availability Edit

Seen on the company's movies, like their first film, Urban Flesh Some Tomatoes Before The Cucumber From Hell And Some Cucumbers Before.

Logo Behavior Factor Edit

Little bit of trouble To Dead Meat. The man is creepy-looking, however, this is far pretty weird and scary.

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Helltimate Studio

Helltimate Studio

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