Happy Madison Productions is a production company founded by actor and comedian Adam Sandler.


The logo opens with the ball rotating in space and then a picture of a field fades in around the logo. The ball is swung and flies towards the screen, breaking it. After, the Happy Madison production logo shows with a old man ( Adam Sandler's late father ) standing one the right side of the logo and says Terrific.

Logo appearancesEdit

You can find there current logo ( 2000 - ) in all of the films Happy Madison has produced and published such has The Master of disguise,Twelve lonely Nights, Jack and Jill, and so on.

Scare factor Edit

Low : The sudden appearance of the golf ball coming towards the screen may scare first time viewers who aren't expecting the golf ball. Adam Sandler's dad may cause unease for first viewers and babies due to the stare Adam's dad gives.

The Logo ( 2005 - Present ) Edit

Happy Madison Productions Logo 2005-present-000:11

Happy Madison Productions Logo 2005-present-0

The Logo

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