Green Bunny was a Japanese animation company that specialized in the production of hentai OVAs. It was a subdivision of Japanese corporation Happinet, owned by Namco Bandai Holdings. The company has ceased to exist as of July 3rd, 2006. Meanwhile, the official site suddenly disappeared. They had about 40 series.

Rare Logo Finds Green Bunny (Early 90's)

Rare Logo Finds Green Bunny (Early 90's)

1st Logo (1990s-1997)Edit

Nickname: "The Pink Panties"

Logo: On a black background, we see an outline of a woman's buttocks wearing a pink G-string. Then, the words "GREEN BUNNY" fly in to the top-left hand corner, leaving residue trails.

FX/SFX: The words flying in.

Cheesy Factor: This logo is just too simple, it looks like something you can quickly make in Chyron.

Music/Sounds: A rising series of high-pitched synthesized "twinkles", which sounds like that one in the Walt Disney Television "Abstract Castle" logo.

Availability: Can possibly be seen on hentai releases from the company. It was also seen on a Media Blasters DVD release of a censored version of Kite.

Logos Reaction Factor: Low. Not as naughty as other porn logos, but it might be creepy to some.

2nd Logo (1997-2007)Edit

Nickname: "The Green Chibi Bunnies", "Don't Let It Deceive You!"

Logo: TBA


The second logo.


Cheesy Factor: The bunnies are plain without noses, and the shine is quite cheap, otherwise decent CGI.

Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: Same as the 1st Logo. It was also seen on a Media Blasters DVD release of a censored version of Mezzo-Forte.

Logos Reaction Factor: Low to medium. It may be cute, but the in-your-face animation with the bunny ramming into the screen might scare some people. The music does not help matters either.