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The logo.

Gorgon Video is a subsidiary of MPI Home Video. It distributes B-grade horror and non-horror movies on DVD and VHS. It was formed in the 1980's and is still around today.

The screen is covered in flames. We zoom out, and it turns out that the flames are in one of Medusa's eyes (you can either see through the back of her head, or they're just very reflective). Medusa blinks a few times, the snakes on her head wiggling away, before sticking her tongue out of her fanged mouth. We zoom out some more, and the words "GORGON VIDEO", in red and orange, zoom in. A purple plaque comes from behind Medusa's head, joining with the words and head. Medusa sticks out her tongue once again.


Horror Version/ Synthesized Gregorian chanting and flame sounds are heard throughout. There is a brief wind sound as the Medusa head zooms out, and a shining sound when she sticks out her tongue, as well as a light thud when the purple plaque joins with words and head. Goodbye To All That Version/ Same As TVS Thanks For Watching Theme.

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Horror Version/ Highest: the flames, music and close-up on Medusa could terrify some people. Sure, the fact that Gorgon Video produces gory horror films including The Faces of Death[1] where some of the deaths are real[2]. In addition to the fact, the original VHS cover contained a man's eyes bleeding, a monkey brain and a decayed corpse[3]. Despite the context, it could still terrify some of the people who voluntarily bought one of their 70s horror exploitation films filled with graphic violence and nudity.

Goodbye To All That Version/ None: The Screen Does Not Have Flames And Some Goodbye Music But The GORGON VIDEO Text Got Replaced By GOOD BYE The Big Ben Chimes Begins At Midnight And Handover To TVS TVS Television

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