History Edit

Goodtimes Entertainment was a company founded in 1985 all the way to 2007.

Goodtimes Home Video00:09

Goodtimes Home Video

Goodtimes Home Video Logo '8900:14

Goodtimes Home Video Logo '89


A rainbow appears and the words in gold "GOODTIMES HOME VIDEO PRESENTS" appears.


A filmstrip flies and then in reddish pink the words "GOODTIMES" appears and inside the filmline has the words "HOME VIDEO".


In a shady sky, the words in 3D bold print "GOODTIMES ENTERTAINMENT" appear. The text url, appears.


The words are already formed (see 1997 logo) but then it drops down with lightning and DVD appears. The text url,, appears.

Cheesy Factor Edit

1985-1990: The animation is very bland, especially for when the time was used.

1989-1999: The spinning film and the imprint for "GOODTIMES" looks casual.

1997-2005: Lazy animation, looks like they ripped off the WB 1985 shield logo.

1998-2007: Mediocre music. Otherwise a decent logo.
GoodTimes Entertainment Logo (1998)00:11

GoodTimes Entertainment Logo (1998)

Scare Factor Edit

1985-1990 rainbow logo: Medium to High because of the poor animation and the bombastic fanfare.

1989-1999 film logo: Low to Medium, the music may scare some. However it's completely harmless.

1997-2005 one (sorry I couldn't find one): None to Minimal. It just zooms out slowly. That's all it does.

1998-2007 Goodtimes DVD logo: Low bordering on Medium. Not really scary, but the splash can scare some. However it's not scary at all.

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