The Ghost House was formed in 2002 by Sam Raimi (who also found Renaissance Pictures, which features another nightmare-inducing logo coincidentally) and it appeared on horror movies by the company.

Ghost House Pictures logo 2 (1)

In the 2009 version, The skull zooms poorly. A few seconds later, the letters, "GHOST HOUSE PICTURES" appear in a ghostly manner. It was only seen on "Drag Me to Hell" and the 2015 "Poltergeist"

Scare Factor: High to nightmare for both logos, the skull, the door shut, and the signing voice may scare alot, the 2009 logo id more unsettling because the skull is seen fully and the dark background doesn't help. Nightmare for the 2015 remake of Poltergeist, because of glitches and the whoosh makes the 2009 logo scarier!Edit

a. It may be scarier than before, because of the hi-res skull shown fully. The way the skull appears out of nowhere and rapidly zooms in (a la Viacom's "V of Doom") can catch unsuspecting people off-guard.

A video of the 2004 logo is seen here.

Ghost House Pictures - Intro-Logo - HD 1080p00:11

Ghost House Pictures - Intro-Logo - HD 1080p

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