The Game Over screen is an event that occurs every time a player dies or fails while playing a game. The Final Fantasy series of video games are known for their scary Game Over screens starting from Final Fantasy VII, the first game in the series to use 3D graphics.
Final Fantasy 7 Game Over

The first Game Over screen in the Final Fantasy series from Final Fantasy VII


The first six Final Fantasy games do not have a Game Over screen since they all use 2D computer graphics. Starting from Final Fantasy VII onwards (except Final Fantasy XI), a game over screen suddenly appears after all party members HP drop to 0 (except Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 during which a game over occurs when the party's assigned leader is KO'd in battle)

Game Over Screens by gameEdit

  • Final Fantasy VII- After all players are knocked out in battle, the music "Continue?" plays in the background with the words "Game Over..." in a text box on top of the screen, it then fades to black and shifts to the Game Over screen which consists of a destroyed film reel with a picture of Midgar (the city) representing the story of the game.
  • Final Fantasy VIII- After all party members die in battle, it then cuts to the broken gun blade with the blade part pierced and the gun part lying down representing Squall and a white feather representing Rinoa.

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