The History of FUNimation Entertainment (1995-2012)01:19

The History of FUNimation Entertainment (1995-2012)

FUNimation Entertainment is a company that was founded on May 9, 1994. It is an American television and film production company based in Flower Mound, Texas. The logo consists of a white background, and the colors Blue and Red, morphing into the blank, colorless logo. Then, we hear a family voice saying the company name. Next, the logo fades away and a whispering voice says You should be watching, Then the logo ends. Another logo is the star logo. It consists of the logo itself, and a star then jumps on the logo. This time, there is no family voice. There is a smoke version as well. We fade in to see a chrome/silver FUNimation logo angled on its side. The FUNimation Entertainment name is on a large blue rectangle. A red circle with a star on it is to the left of the text. A glowing light appears from the far side, wiping over the logo and coloring it in as the logo faces frontward, a huge flash engulfing the screen. The flash dies down, revealing the fully colored logo, reading: FUNIMATION (in hopping font) ENTERTAINMENT. Underneath this, a byline reads "A NAVARRE CORPORATION COMPANY" (with "Navarre" in a corporate font). The FUNimation logo zooms back a little bit, before suddenly erupting in a flash of light, briefly turning the screen white before going black.

Scare Factor:

Star Logo: None to Low. The logo is quite calming.

For the family logo: Low to medium. The family can scare a few. This version is a bit startling, so, please don't be scared.

For the smoke variant: High. The smoke is sure put off everybody. This version is very startling, so, please don't watch this at night.

Fun fact: it only appears whenever your watching Japanese anime.

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