F.A.C.T stands for the Federation Against Copyright Theft. They aim to stop the piracy of films, music and software.

Logo 1: 2000-?


Nicknames: The Pirates Are Out to Get You, Brand of Doom, Exploding DVDs, Cool is Copyright.

Logo: The logo starts, and we see a man setting fire to a cross-shaped brand. Then we see a bunch of VHS tapes and boxes, and the man slams the brand onto the tapes, causing a fiery explosion and smoke. We then see the man smiling rather evily, and his eyes reflect fire. Smoke also appears. The man then slams the brand onto some CDs, making them explode again. Then we zoom into the man's eyes, with an angry expression. He slams the brand for the last time, onto more CDs with another explosion. The man then places the brand into water, which causes vapour to rise up vigorously. The brand is then revealed to have changed into a C (The copyright symbol). We see the brand being held up to the camera, as it flames up. The screen turns white, as the letters F, A and T in film strips slide in next to the C. Smaller letters of FACT slide above the logo, as it's revealed to stand for FEDERATION AGAINST COPYRIGHT THEFT. The word HOTLINE appears in blue and then inflames as the phone number for the hotline appears. Finally, the screen turns to black after one last fiery explosion.

FX/SFX/: It's live action, with rather well done special effects for the explosions.

Availability: Seen at the start of some UK, Irish and Australian VHS tapes from the period,

Music/Sounds: A droning note, which raises in pitch, explosions and fire, and a narrator speaking.

Scare Factor: High to nightmare. The subject matter is dark, frightening and disturbing, the music is creepy, and the narrator's voice just adds to the creepiness. Especially if you're expecting a film's opening logo and immediately wind up with this.

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