We see the words "AN ERRY VıSıON FILM" in a hideously distorted, oddly arranged, salmon-colored font. A salmon-colored line is shown at the left.

Erry Vision Films
An Erry Vision Films

Cheesy Factor

So high I cringe

Years Used


Scare Factor



Salmon and Black


Ultra Rare



How cheesy is it?Edit

Off the charts! A totally still logo with an ugly font and horrifying "music"? Who thought this was a good idea?! Surely, whoever made this can't be serious! This looks like it could have been finger this is an fucking logo looks like an M and also, the I's in "VISION" are too small. They look like decimal points. It looks like it reads "MERRY V.S.ON FILM". This is a contender for one of the ugliest logos of all time!

Availability Edit

Availability is ultra rare. The logo only appeared on one movie known as "Tales From The Quadead Zone." And "The Black Cucumber" The tape is available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and most rare, VHS.

Scare FactorEdit

Nightmare for the first-time viewing, and high any other viewing. The font, dark atmosphere, scary "music", and overall butt-ugliness are sure to put off many first-time viewers! However, this is very fitting, given the fact that this logo comes from a horror movie.

Watch if you dare!Edit

Erry Vision Logo-1

Erry Vision Logo-1