WARNING: For the film deterioration variant, do not watch the video if you are prone to epilepsy.


  • Variant: "Edward Small of Condition", "Films on Drugs" "The Print of Doom" "I'm Suffering Now" "Why Do You Did That To Us, Edward Small!?" "Holyoke, I'm N'OK"

Logo: TBA

Variant: Sometimes, the film deterioration would be extremely damaged and the logo shakes entirely on it's details.

FX/SFX: If you wanna count the searchlights and the film deterioration on the variant.

Variant Cheesy Factor: WHAT ON EARTH WAS THIS PRINT GOING TO SUPERCEED?! They completely damaged the film which not only makes it worse, it suffers people for epilepsy just for watching their eyes, and the warped music gets the lead of ominousness! Even Hollywood-Far East Productions, Inc. is more proffesional and less damaged than this cheesy trash! This is another contender to the worst logo ever.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the film. It could be warped on some prints.

Availability: Extremely rare, bordering on extinct.

Scare Factor:

  • High to nightmare for the variant. Everyone could run away because the print is so molestable it could either get epilepsy to some, get disturbing feelings and dreams about this logo, or even conflict the original creator of the movie. It's even serious that the film is damaged, and sure would raise it's creepiness. It's lower for those who used to it or those who expected the damaging of the film.

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