A monthly test

SFX/FX: Buzzing, a g mayor like beeping, the voice reporting what happened and what to do, and 3 short buzzes.

Variants Edit

.Sometimes you can get a grey screen

.In some Amber Alerts you hear a Hellish THX crossed with a tornado

siren, the problem is mostly the phone

.If you have dish network and a Monthly test broadcasts, It'll say in the screen "Dish Network has initialed a

monthly test of the National Emergency Alert System".

.Not all Televisions show a black screen with headings, some are just a red line telling what happened

and a white bar with the information

Oklahoma Emergency Alert System from 1999 Edit

The Oklahoma Emergency Alert System from 1999 was creepy. First it shows the news and shows a trapezoid that looks like V of Doom tilted. then a sound that sounds like it's saying WAKA WAKA WAKA WAKA

sounds. of course the announcer announces whats happening. then it stays in a black screen and starts making phone noises such as off dial or the cable from the phone is ripped, and the dial tone

Logo Behavior Factor Edit

Monthy test: Good to awful due to the tones


OK to Good if you are very used to this.

Watch it if you dare Edit

link to a monthly test

link to a Amber alert

link to the OEASF1999


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