A monthly test

SFX/FX: Buzzing, a g mayor like beeping, the voice reporting what happened and what to do, and 3 short buzzes.

Variants Edit

.Sometimes you can get a grey screen

.In some Amber Alerts you hear a Hellish THX crossed with a tornado

siren, the problem is mostly the phone

.If you have dish network and a Monthly test broadcasts, It'll say in the screen "Dish Network has initialed a

monthly test of the National Emergency Alert System".

.Not all Televisions show a black screen with headings, some are just a red line telling what happened

and a white bar with the information

Oklahoma Emergency Alert System from 1999 Edit

The Oklahoma Emergency Alert System from 1999 was creepy. First it shows the news and shows a trapezoid that looks like V of Doom tilted. then a sound that sounds like it's saying WAKA WAKA WAKA WAKA. of course the announcer announces whats happening. then it stays in a black screen and starts making phone noises such as off dial or the cable from the phone is ripped, and the dial tone

Scare Factor Edit

Weekly test: Medium, due to the tones, but it is shorter than other EAS alerts.

Other Alerts: High (bordering to Nightmare), the tones can scare people, but the attention signal can make it worse! The voice will depend however.

Minimal to low if you are very used to this. This is a good alert system, and great among the EAS community.

Watch it if you dare Edit

link to a monthly test

link to a Amber alert

link to the OEASF1999