Dwarakish Chitra is an Indian Kannada-language film company founded by Indian actor, director and producer Bungle Shama Rao Dwarakanath (better known by his nickname Dwarakish). Its first film produced by the company was in 1966, but it didn't used a logo until 1969. The company was formerly named "Dwaraka Films".

Scare Factor Edit

  • Medium to nightmare for most of the variants. Dwarakish's loud sounds, roaring and laughing, can scare and surprise a number of people. The happy sitar theme accompanying it also affects the unintentional weird nature of it.
  • High to nightmare if the logo uses a darker background.
  • Nightmare for the use of the negative colors in Singaporenalli Raja Kulla. It'll get more scary than the normal variant, and it's a total eyesore.
  • Medium for the Prachanda Kulla variant. The different design, tamer compared to the previous logos, isn't as weird, in addition of the militar salute while Dwarakish's laugh is heard.


Dwarakish Chitra (1969-)

Dwarakish Chitra (1969-)