Logo: We pan out of a tombstone in a graveyard at night. FrankenSkippy, a monster with a wolf's tail, jumps out and mutters "FrankenSkippy, FrankenSkippy" in a voice not unlike Frankenstein. FrankenSkippy then pulls his heart (shaped like an M) out and stabs it with a nail. We see some brief close-up shots of his head and heart before the logo cuts back to the original camera position. FrankenSkippy then says "FrankenSkippy's coming..for..YOOOOOU!" He slaps his tail at the screen, which then cuts to an x-ray of his heart before he pulled it out, this time with "TV" bones hanging in front of it. The heart and bones thus form the "MTV" logo. The words "MUSIC TELEVISION" can also be seen at the bottom of the x-ray. The logo then cuts to FrankenSkippy again, who this time has a chainsaw. He uses the chainsaw to cut the screen in half, which then cuts back to the x-ray again. A flower can be seen growing on the "TV" bones.

Scare Factor: Medium to High, due to the overall "horror movie monster" theme of the ID. The eponymous character himself and the music can also be considered as quite scary, especially the way FrankenSkippy is animated, 🤨 however the next one is even worse...😔😰


Frankenskippy; Tall Small Stories series

Frankenskippy; Tall Small Stories series

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