Do Re Creativa tv

Do Re Creativa tv

Nicknames: "The Colombiana De Television Logo Has A Sister", "The Green Treble Clef", "Treble Clef of Doom", "The Evil Treble Clef", " Trouble Clef", "Do... Re... Creativa TV!", "Another Irritating Colombian Synth", "The Treble Clef of Horror"

Logo: On a black background two pink staffs with the notes move from the bottom to the center. A yellow flash occurs, and a weird green drawing of a treble clef zooms in to the left. A flower-like thing emerges from one of the extremes of the treble clef, and the words "do" and "re" move to the bottom with trails. "Creativa TV" then flashes in.

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: This logo is a product of early 1980's material, with that animation and irritating music.

Music/Sounds: A warbling synth, followed by a high synth hit, and an even more higher portamento synth. Finally a group of people singing "Do... Re... Creativa TV!", with the first two notes literally being C and D.

Scare Factor: Medium to Nightmare. The music will give viewers lots of chills, and the use of the cheesy animation, weird design and black background don't help either.