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The Incredibles Variant: The "J" represents Frozone, the "U" represents Violet Parr, the "N" represents Syndrome, the "I" represents Mr. Incredible, the "O" represents Edna Mode, and the "R" represents Dash Parr.

Logo: On a green background, we see J, U, N, I, and O. Suddenly, R runs super fast, Then J, U, N, I, and O were close, Then we see R run super fast for the second time and the others were close again, Then U uses her purple Forcefield to knock R out. Suddenly, the word Disney falls down to Frozone, Violet Parr, Syndrome, Mr. Incredible, and Edna Mode and then R runs back to J, U, N, I, and O to make way for the Disney Junior logo.

FX/SFX: R running super fast, U using forcefield to knock R out, R running back to J, U, N, I, and O.

Music/Sounds: A 20 note electric guitar Disney Junior jingle with an 8 note flue, a 4 race car vroomings sound effect when Dash Parr runs super fast 5 times, and a buzzing vibrating electricity sound effect when Violet Parr uses her forcefield to knock Dash Parr out.

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