Digital Cinema Media is a cinema advertising company in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1977, but was known as Rank Screen Advertising until 1996 and Carlton Screen Advertising until 2008.

Idents Edit

Carlton Screen Adverising (1996-2008) Edit

Scare Factor Edit

Medium due to the loud sound affects and the sizzler being thrusted at the screen.

original Digital Cinema Media ident (2008-2011) Edit

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Illuminated Glass ident (2011-2013) Edit

Scare Factor Edit

Medium, as the beginning would often give cinema audiences a jumpscare.

Dynamic Advertising (2013-2014) Edit

Scare Factor Edit

None for Amazement.

High for Laughter due to the several amount of animals making strange sounds and looking disturbing, which may frighten viewers.

Medium for Suspense due to the wolf barking at the screen suddenly and the tense clips at several points in the ident.

Welcome To Our World (2014-2017) Edit

Welcome To Our World v2 (2017-present) Edit