Desilu Logo (1967)

Desilu Productions, co-owned by husband and wife Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, was best known for its hit productions such as I Love LucyStar Trek, and The Untouchables. The couple jointly owned Desilu Productions from its inception in 1950 until their divorce in 1960, after which Ball bought Arnaz out and ran the company by herself for several years. She eventually sold the company in 1967 toGulf+Western; after the sale, company officials renamed it Paramount Television.

Its entire library is currently owned by CBS Television Studios. The pre-1960 library is copyrighted to CBS Broadcasting, Inc., while CBS Studios, Inc. holds the copyrights to the 1960s library (previously copyrighted by Paramount Pictures Corporation).


Desilu Productions was formed in 1950 using the combined names of "Desi Arnaz" and "Lucille Ball". Desilu Productions was initially created to produce Lucy and Desi's vaudeville act to sell the television series to Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) executives. Both Arnaz and Ball wanted to adapt Ball's CBS radio series My Favorite Husband to television. The television project eventually became I Love Lucy. During the first few years of I Love Lucy, Desilu rented space at General Service Studios (now the Hollywood Center Studios), on Santa Monica Boulevard and North Las Palmas Avenue. Desilu Productions used Stage Two which was named Desilu Playhouse. Later a special entrance was created at 6633 Romaine Street on the south side of the lot allowing entrance into the Desilu Playhouse.

Scare FactorEdit

Low. for the standard. None to low for the Mission impossible variant. - Maybe the cheap animation can scare a few people and the ending of the music might make some people jump out of their couch.


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Desilu logo

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