Decode entertainment logo

Scare Factor: High to nightmare for babies and the music variant.

Medium to high for the silent variant. it is still scary for babies.

None to low for the in-credit variant.

FX/SFX: Black background appearing below to blue background. Symbols writing to "DECODE". The robot-head show and blinking. To TV Variant: Symbols writing to "DECODE". The robot-head show and blinking.

Music: Same as HBO Original Programming/MG-Perin Inc. logos (by Lamont Meeks on SLN! Media Group). Music On TV Variant: The closing theme to the show.

Present logo: We see the robot head from before bouncing on text. The text reads DECODE Entertainment Inc.. The robot gets catapulted on the t and the text is revealed with the DHX Media byline, with the robot head next to it.

Present Logo FX/SFX: The robot-head.

Music on present logo: None or closing theme on the show.

Scare factor to present logo: None, it's no-sound logo, and it's harmless.