Darkness Weather Productions is a fan made logo. In it, we see the song by Black Sabbath called "Electric Funeral" being played and there are barren wastelands with smog everywhere. It then switches to the tune of "War Pigs" as a sign says "Welcome to North Vietnam." A bomb is dropped quickly then it switches to the tune of "Ironman" who is shown after quick smoke. He flies up in the air then silhouettes of Ozzy, Tony Iommi, and Geezer Butler are shown, playing the song "Paranoid" and the words " Darkness Weather Productions" appear. However, it isn't over quite yet as a giant and scary looking gargoyle ends it by smashing the words and covering the silhouettes. The song "NIB" plays then it all fades out.

Scare Factor Edit

Nightmare: While many Viewers , the way it starts out is rather creepy. Ironman fans would probably like the way Ironman appears as well. However, this logo is NOT for those who don't like seeing movies where it looks like everything is alright but it turns out, it's not

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