Dan Curtis Productions was formed in 1966.

1st Logo (1966)Edit

At the end of the credits. We see the this logo. D, C & P are in boxes connected to each other diagonally, while the rest are outside it and they are sandwiched diagonally. An announcer says "Dark Shadows is a Dan Curtis Production."

Scare Factor: Low to nightmare. The echoing voice and creepy music could scare more than a few. But It got scarier with the next logo.Edit

Dan curtis prod.

Dan curtis prod..flv

2nd Logo (1974)Edit

Dan Curtis Productions is an extremely scary logo where a man with yellow bloodshot eyes is staring at you with menacing music in the background. Yellow text simply reads "DAN CURTIS PRODUCTIONS".


This very scary logo aired on Dark Shadows and the TV movie The Norliss Tapes.

The man is Barnabas Collins.

The music is The Norliss Tapes's closing theme.


Just be thankful that he isn't killing people...

Scare factor: Nightmare bordering on Heart Attack. The man's scary-looking face will have someone in nightmares for weeks if it scared the viewer. The scare factor is low to medium for those used to both logos.Edit


Dan Curtis Metromedia Producers Corproation (1974)

Dan Curtis Metromedia Producers Corproation (1974)