Dariy Queen Fort Commercial00:32

Dariy Queen Fort Commercial

They commercials are the most popular DQ commercials. It features animated lips doing something random or promoting an item, and at the end, it licks it's self and reveals the 2007 or 2001 (for 2006 commercials only) DQ logo.

Availability Edit

Extinct. Can be seen on DQ commercials until 2011, but you can see it if you have recorded a DVD or a VHS tape of a TV show commercial break.

Scare Factor Edit

Medium to high, the licking may not sit with people well. It may remind them of Asymmetrical or Fox Reality Original.

Watch if you dare! But wait till the end.... Edit

The Making of the Blizzard®mobile01:13

The Making of the Blizzard®mobile

Dairy Queen - The DQ Lips Sings Endless Possibilities00:52

Dairy Queen - The DQ Lips Sings Endless Possibilities

Dairy Queen Brownie Blizzard commercial00:31

Dairy Queen Brownie Blizzard commercial

2008 Dairy Queen Chicken Strip Basket Ad00:16

2008 Dairy Queen Chicken Strip Basket Ad

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