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On a tropical background complete with a beach, and a sunset, we see the black, lowercase text "d n a productions" with "d n a" bigger and spaced and "productions" underneath, near the top of the screen, and 2 double helix coconut trees twisting behind a bush. A monkey jumps up from behind the trees with his back turned to us. Then, he turns around, revealing that he has a parietal eye, and waves at us, saying "Hi, I'm Paul!"

The logos Edit

The original 1994 logo featured Helix The Cat, a purple cat with 2 tails twisted forming a DNA looks at us from behind him and blinks 2 times then jumps. This was featured on the Jimmy Neutron And Garfield And Friends

A new logo was released in 2002 with Paul, a three-eyed monkey, popping up and out of the bushes to the right (facing the other way), turning to the audience, and waving while saying “Hi, I'm Paul!”

Other variants were also used. They are:

The Garfield Show

- Two Pauls saying “Hi we're Paul!”

- Paul forgetting his line and saying “Hi i'm...Line?”

- Paul forgetting his line again and “Now what did you want me to say again?”

- Paul with a moustache and saying “Hola, soy Pablo!” (which translates to "Hi, I'm Pablo" in Spanish.)

-The logo in reverse, making Paul say “!luaP m'I iH”, depending on how you hear it.

-Paul absent from the logo and an off-screen man softly says "Paul...?"

Scare factor Edit

1994 version - Low to high. the weird noises might catch you off guard. Also due to the fact, that the cat has 2 tails and may be freaky to some viewers but some may find the cat cute. 

2003 - Normal: None to low. due to Paul having 3 eyes and the fact that he can speak which can scare some, but some people might find Paul cute.

2 Pauls: Low to medium. The fact that there is now 2 of them May unnerve a few. But some might find both of them cute.

Bi-Lingual: Low barely on bordering medium. It may scare some unsuspecting viewers. But it's actually funny if you think about it.

Backwards/Reversed: None to medium due to Paul staring at us at the beginning. But if you listen closely. It sounds like he is saying "Ow! My eye!" that many will find funny. Which. In that case. Drops the scare factor.

Paul Blooper #1: Minimal to Medium due to Paul coming out of nowhere at the beginning. It will surprise unsuspecting viewers.

Paul Blooper #2: Low to medium. Due to Paul (yet again) popping up out of nowhere. But it's funny.

Coffee Break (Where's Paul?): None to Minimal. Due to the voice asking "Paul?" As It may catch some off guard. But it's harmless.

Otherwise, none for those used to every variant.

Parodies Edit

In an episode of "The adventures of Carlos the Caterpillar" when Carlos was in a beach, the same music in the DNA productions logo was heard.

A image burn program on a windows vista or windows 7, the same music in the DNA productions logo was heard.

Watch it if you dare Edit

All of the Hi I'm Pauls! (DNA)00:42

All of the Hi I'm Pauls! (DNA)

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