On a tropical background complete with a beach, and a sunset, we see the black, lowercase text "d n a productions" with "d n a" bigger and spaced and "productions" underneath, near the top of the screen, and 2 double helix coconut trees twisting behind a bush. A monkey jumps up from behind the trees with his back turned to us. Then, he turns around, revealing that he has a parietal eye, and waves at us, saying "Hi, I'm Paul!"

Did you know kendrick lamars song that he say DNA in is very epic and he said that because this yep yep yeah - hes still those only good rappers today

The logos Edit

The 1994 logo has a cartoon picture of a cat that has a chopped off head and the company name and copyright notice underneath and on a white background.

The original 1998 (same year as the Klasky Csupo Splaat) logo featured Helix The Cat, a purple cat with 2 tails twisted forming a DNA looks at us from behind him and blinks 2 times then jumps. This was featured on the Jimmy Neutron pilot episode.

A new logo was released in 2002 with Paul, a three-eyed monkey, popping up and out of the bushes to the right (facing the other way), turning to the audience, and waving while saying “Hi, I'm Paul!”

Other variants were also used. They are:

Courage the Cowardly Dog, Jimmy Neutron: "Junkman Cometh" through "Sink a Sub/Lady Singing News"

- 2 Pauls said ‘Hi We’re Paul’


- Paul forgetting his line and saying “Hi i'm...Line?”

- Instead of Paul turning around, Paul jumps right out of the bushes and Paul forgetting his line again and “Now what did you want me to say again?” in a hyper voice.

- Paul with a moustache and saying “Hola, soy Pablo!” (which translates to "Hi, I'm Pablo" in Spanish.) and after that, his moustache falls off.

- The logo in reverse, making Paul say “!luaP m'I iH”, depending on how you hear it.

- Paul jumps right out of the bushes and tries to say "Hi I'm..." but cuts off shortly and spots at some water, and finishes his sentence and says "...running in the water!" This is the first lost variant Paul won't stay still.

- Paul jumps right out of the bushes and tries saying "Hi I'm..." but cuts off and shouts "Oh, forget it!" and runs away. This is the second lost variant Paul is not standing still.

- Paul jumps right out of the bushes once again and almost said "Hi I'm..." and slaps his nose, saying "Oh, I quit!". This is the last lost variant Paul whacks himself in the face while saying this.

- Paul absent from the logo and an off-screen man softly says "Paul...?"

Cartoon Network Meets Nickelodeon and Disney Channel

-Paul is playing with the bazooka, when Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Perry, and Dr. Doofenshmirtz tries to get it.

-Paul says, "Hi, I'm-'Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost, the one-of-a-kind everyone who brings you this message'!"

-The logo in the sky was reddish.

-The logo in the horror version.

-SpongeBob walks as the eyes closes as he saying with waves his hand like Paul: "To Return!" as the hand waving ends in the logo. (instead of Paul jumping.)

-The new 2002 DNA Productions (Hi I'm Paul!) logo plays normally, but when Paul finishes his smile, he gags instead and vomits 1 times. For the 1rd time, the vomit comes out with Courage, Eustace, and Muriel (as seen in the Courage the Cowardly Dog cartoon), both covered in monkey's barf. Throughout the following conversation, Paul looks at Courage, Eustace, and Muriel, puzzled. Courage cleans up Eustace as Eustace says "YEW-UK! (Yoo-uh-k) We've been slobbered!". That gives Muriel an idea, unnaturally. He takes out a sign reading "DNA PRODUCTIONS: 85 YEARS ENTERTAINING THE BEACH!" and says "Look what I made!" Courage replies back with "It's a stone, Eustace Bagge. You did not make it!". Paul suddenly takes a LARGE inhale through his mouth and sucks Eustace, Muriel, and Courage (who's screaming "AAAAHHHHH!" like in the A Katz at the Motel episode), the trees (which reveals Paul the 3-Eyed Monkey's full body for the first time in an audience), the text that says "d n a" and "productions", the (R) symbol, music, the beach, and then the screen goes to the black. Paul then burps, stands up, looks around, and his head turns facing the audience, visibly smiled. Paul runs away, but we suddenly hear the infamous "WHAT THE FU- BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!" sound effect and at the boom part of it, an explosion emerges, causing Paul to flee from the set, running towards the camera, causing the camera to fall off the photography director's hand and break with static lines. The lines then make a static TV screen and we hear a distant voice of Courage saying "Eustace!" mixed along with Courage also saying that Muriel had gutted like a fish, and Eustace looks at the arms cut off and a hole through his skull, two blood. We suddenly cut to Eustace and Muriel died at us and cut back to the static. We then cut to the middle of the Nickelodeon Haypile logo. This time after it fades out to black,it fades out to white and the main title "Gotta Blast!" and the title said: "You!" before ending the video.

-DNA Productions's text is not appear. When Cosmo kissing Wanda's belly.

-The logo to scare Ed, Edd, Eddy, Sarah, Jimmy, Kevin, Johnny 2x4, Plank, Nazz, Rolf, Mr. Sun, Marie, May, Lee, Eddy's Brother, and the rest of the people at Cul-De-Sac.

-On Ben 10: Vilgax's Death, Four Arms replaces Paul and the music is the Ben 10's theme song.

-The whole logo is night, and Paul can't see by saying "I'm in midnight madness!"

-Paul on a baby at his Baby Diapers.

-A parody of the "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer" logo.

Note: This logo was used from 2002 to 2006.

Scare factor Edit

1994 version - High to nightmare; because the weird, cartoony cat holding a chopped off head and it’s sudden static appearance can be WAY too innapropiate to kid. You must not watch it, or Johnny Espinal will get the same thing to it. But for some viewers it’s Low for those who are used to it because it’s a funny. 

1998 version - Low to medium. the weird noises might catch you off guard. Also due to the fact, that the cat has 2 tails and may be freaky to some viewers, but some may find the cat cute. 

2002 - Normal: None to low. Due to Paul having three eyes and the fact that he can speak which can scare crapless kids, but some people might find Paul funny or cute. 😆

2 Pauls: Low to medium. The fact that there is now two of them may unnerve a few, but some might find both of them cute.

Bi-Lingual: Low (barely on bordering medium). It may scare some unsuspecting viewers, but it's actually funny if you think about it.

Backwards/Reversed: None to low, due to Paul staring at us at the beginning. However, if you listen closely, it sounds like he is saying "Ow! My eye!" that many will find funny, which in that case drops the scare factor.

Paul Blooper #1: Minimal to low, due to Paul coming out of nowhere at the beginning. It will surprise unfamilliar viewers.

Paul Blooper #2: Low. Paul (yet again) popping up out of nowhere can still surprise some, but it's funny.

Coffee Break (Where's Paul?): None to minimal, the sudden voiceover saying "Paul?" may catch some off guard.

New 2002 Variant: Low to nightmare. Paul vomiting and burping is so disgusting and can scare some, and you may find it from Courage the Cowardly Dog. And all they found was a dead monkey can catch some, but before that, worse, the WTF Boom, and it is nightmare (only)! For those who are used to it, none.

Otherwise, none for those used to every variant.

Parodies Edit

In an episode of "The adventures of Carlos the Caterpillar" when Carlos was in a beach, the same music in the DNA productions logo was heard.

A image burn program on a windows vista or windows 7, the same music in the DNA productions logo was heard.

On the Johnny Test episode “Johnny Applesauce“, or the Curious George movie, it has the same music.

On the episode of Poochini or the Fresh Beat Band of Spies TV show, the same music. Nicknames: "The Demo", "DNA Drive-In", "Pegasus Crashing Into a Rock Formation"

Watch it if you dare...i'm watching it NOW! Edit

All of the Hi I'm Pauls! (DNA)

All of the Hi I'm Pauls! (DNA)