Nickames: "Letters Warp" "Electric Square"

Logo: In blue backround "d" glides to -28 y:26 and back to the logo and Other letters glides. Black square appears and the open gray and word: "NETWORK". Text on the square opens the white text. Gray square opens red. Square becomes electric and the back to the not-electric.

FX/SFX: "d", "h" and "x" glides. square open colours (this is gray and red) text becomes white text, electric and back to not-electric...

Music/Sounds: 20-note magic music...

Music/Sound Variants:


  • Variant from the text appears and says: "DHX Network it's a trademark owned by DHX Media".
  • In Quebec, "NETWORK" replace to "LA CHAINE" and text replace to "La Chaine DHX est une marque appartenant a DHX Media".

Scare Factor: None.

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