Curious Pictures Nightmare Red Read

It starts with the next five text have a scribble write the stenciled "?ictures" on them (in scratch); the first few letters are blue, but the P is teal when it is being drawn, but then it turns to orange once it's finished, and the O is purple. Everything described up to this point happens in a VERY FAST pace. After this we zoom out, during which "I N C.", in red, appears letter-by letter. Then we see the complete boxes arranged with "curious" on between of "?ictures". In "?ictures" , the "?" is purple, the "i" is dark yellow, and the "c" is dark teal. Then the logo turns black and white while the "?" turns purple a second late.

In the 1998-2005 version, over a red TV-static background, where black and red/black ink splatters suddenly appear in the respective order, then a hand quickly sweeps across the screen and drops Red Read. He says the company name (just "Klasky Csupo") in a robot-like voice before fading out (provided by the "Boing" novelty voice from the text-to-speech program on Mac computers) as blocks that form the letters come out of CP's mouth. The blocks form the usual CP logo and 2 black boxes slide in from the top and the bottom, changing the background to black and covering the face. The "?" changes from white to red when it's done rolling. Finally, we hear 3 cartoon sound effects in the following order: A jabbering sound, a duck quack quack, and a boing sound and if it does the boing sound the logo fades out.

In Little Kate Ashby Go to Wild and Frat, there is another logo where it is on a dark, very green city skyline with a Curious Pictures statue in the background. A silhouette of a rooster can be seen. The sun rises into the sky, revealing more of the red rooster and the city, and it wakes up by opening its eyes (which appear to be recycled from Red Read's eyes from the previous logo). It yells out "Wake up!" while the blocks of the K-C are flying around the scene. The sun brightens even more, the Curious pictures logo blocks are joined together to form the logo and the rooster is no longer there because it was a silly logo.

Additional Info

Curious Pictures has given a name to the "robot" character on their site- "Red Read". He apparently has some YouTube webisodes releasing around 2017-2019 and he is on Facebook, and was going to be a star (on his own show). It is also revealed that Splaat was 16(Now he is 20) and has a little brother named Digital (whose face resembles Red Read, except that it is black and blue instead of purple and red). Red Read's ink blob is now blue instead of black.

Strangely, the CP Red Read logo appeared on early airings of a SpongeBong episode "Sea weed" since May 10th, 2002. The error was later corrected in 2006 when it was replaced by the United Hashbrick logo.

Scare FactorEdit

  • Dot: None to low, the humanoid dot runing right at as it may get to some
  • Smoke: Low to medium, the flying rocket catch a view off guard
  • Graffiti: Low to medium. The text and shapes can suck you off, as the credits The Wild Blueberrys episodes for Greenytoons may find it drawing due to the logo very out
  • Robot/Red Read: Low to nightmare. Red Read's face looks like that came out of the child's nightmare inducing, the logo was an random and disjointed feel to it|. Children will be gain nightmares of this, children can find it funny , and adult may find it annoying, that's what you think
  • 2012-2009/Red Read: Medium to nightmare (set of Red Read's face coming out of the child's nightmare again). The bonus of Red Read smiling can be unsetting. The black background and the transition of a movies cannot help much (there is logo how funny it is of Red Read's Face smile)
  • Movie/Red Read: High to nightmare, Red Read was looking and smile at the people or viewers, if you find a nightmares of Red Read's Face looks realistic as the original variant, it can dissead for medium how excepted this, there is a static red background due to only a logo of once and only once
  • Still Version: None, as it skips Red Read altogether, but will be a 1st logo from the video games for once before
  • Rooster: Low to high, The scary logo was an improvements over the previous logo sence is the rooster crowing from ugly logo can get to some




Deformed Logo Curious Pictures00:23

Deformed Logo Curious Pictures

watch if you dare

do not watch a scary stuff


(Requested) Curious Pictures Dot of Robot Logo in 2ormulator00:06

(Requested) Curious Pictures Dot of Robot Logo in 2ormulator

Curious Pictures Dot of Robot Logo-149687448500:06

Curious Pictures Dot of Robot Logo-1496874485

Curious Pictures Robot Vocoded With Simmers Animation00:07

Curious Pictures Robot Vocoded With Simmers Animation

Curious Pictures in Red without blue eyes00:06

Curious Pictures in Red without blue eyes

Curious Pictures Logos01:31

Curious Pictures Logos

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