Criterion Games (formerly known as Criterion Software) is a British game developer based in Guliford that are best known for their work on the award winning racing game series Burnout.

1st logo (December 31th 1996/January 1st 1997) Edit

Logo: A black dog walks into an orange background, and it stops. It looks at us and turns its head left and right. Then the dog suddenly opens its mouth wide and roars after such a startling action, it turns back and the word Criterion in a decorative font flies from underneath the dog's mouth.

FX/SFX: Dog's movements, and the font flying underneath the dog.


Music/Sounds: Snuffing, whimpering and then a sudden roar as the dog opens its mouth.

Availability: Ultra rare. Seen on Scorched Planet.

Scare Factor: Low to medium for the first time viewer. The roar can be a sudden suprise

2nd logo (November 11th 1997 - September 10 1998) Edit

logo: The Criterion dog from the first logo is placed over in a white background. The words criterion studios are shown one below another in a decorative orange font as the first logo.

FX/SFX: None


Music/Sounds: None. In Redline Racer, motorcycles zooming by, an loud metalic crash and an siren alarm at the end.

Availability: Extremely rare. Appears in Sub Culture and Redline Racer.

Scare Factor: None for the Sub Culture variant. Medium to High for the Redline Racer variant as the metallic crash could get to some.

3rd logo (september 9 1999 to december 31 2000) Edit

logo the familiar dog is placed inside a box inside a round corner orange rectangle while criterion is placed on white field

FX/SFX none

Music/Sounds none for the still version ocean sounds for deep fighter


Availbility rare can be seen on several games suzuki alstare extreme racing trickstyle and the

underwater picture is seen on deep fighter for the dream cast

Scare Factor none

4th logo (november 1 2001 - january 22 2008) Edit

Logo on a black background we see a black picture of the dog looking at us the name criterion is below the dog the logo shines there is also games in blue underneath the logo then blows to pieces



early version has a white background

the logo was seen once without blowing up

in black the logo appeared in gold with interlacing

in burnout revenge the logo is normal untile two cars crash into each other creating a big explosion

FX/SFX the logo shines and/or blows up none for the white variant

Music/Sounds sound of blowing

Availbility uncommon the white version appeared on airblade also seen on the burnout series except for burnout paradise because criterion games changed their logo

Scare Factor none medium low for the burnout revenge variant because of the sudden animation of the cars heading to each other and the explosion may gets some

5th logo (february 5 2009 - ) Edit

Logo many red and white lights come and flash the screen eventually leaving the criterion games logo on the red background which slowly zooms in


Music/Sounds lights flashing all around

Music/Sounds a kind of electronic sounds

Avability first appeared on burnout paradise and the trailers for said game

Scare factor low to medium