Converge Video Is The Scariest Home Video logo throughout all the home video logos. the Earth rotates past Europe.when the Earth stops rotating "CONVERGE 🌐 VIDEO , PRESENTS " fades in,goes grungy,then fades out.Earth rotates right past Europe and towards Asia.This logo is rare.Check your tapes! This was seen on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the 1980's Dutch DVD,even though it's a 1974 movie,and other horror movies).They stole the globe footage from Westcon Home video. RCTV started stealing this globe footage in the 1980's (1987-1996).

Cheesy FactorEdit

Cheap.The globe looks very cruddy.Also,The text is grungy.When you look very closely,the logo turns into 2 images.


It starts with an xylophone theme,followed by an eerie piano theme and several clicks as the text wipes.

Scare FactorEdit

High To Really high, with all the cheap effects, a dark setting, and the music And the fact that they actually STOLE the globe footage from Westcon.


Converge Video intro

Converge Video intro