Constantin Film - altes Logo 720p nativ00:21

Constantin Film - altes Logo 720p nativ

Constantin Film is a German film production & distribution company founded in April 1, 1950 in Munich, Germany by Waldfried Barthel & Preben Philipsen. The company is best known for producing Der Untergang (Downfall), the Resident Evil film series, and the Fantastic Four movies.

Scare FactorEdit

  • Original Variant: Medium to nightmare, because of the fanfare and the "in-your-face" zooming. Earlier versions may catch viewers off-guard because of the more different text. Medium to high for the silent variant, as we still have the text zooming in.
  • Later Variant: Low to medium. Since the zooming concept is still there, it may still give people bad dreams, but at least the fanfare used on here is different and tamer. It is a worthy successor to the classic variant.

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