Columbia TriStar Television

(1999-2001) Version of Columbia TriStar Television

Columbia TriStar Television (CTT) was the third name of the television studio Screen Gems, itself part of Sony Pictures Entertinment and the second company to use the Columbia and TriStar names together (the first being Columbia TriStar Home Video, now Sony Pictures Home Entertainment).

History Edit

Columbia TriStar Television was launched on February 21, 1994 as a merger between Columbia Pictures Television and TriStar Television under the leadership of Jon Feltheimer, who was president of TriStar Television from 1991-1994 and New World Televisionuntil 1991. After the merger, Columbia Pictures Television Distribution was renamed to Columbia TriStar Television Distribution[1][2][3], but the old name continued to appear on-screen until 1996. The new studio first entered production after dismantling and folding Merv Griffin Enterprises on June 4, by producing Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, distributed by King World, starting in September 1994.[4][5]Expanding its television library in 1994, SPE acquired Stewart Tele Enterprises.

Its global subsidiary, Columbia TriStar International Television, distributed Sony's programs across the globe. It was created in 1995 by renaming Columbia Pictures International Television. This was also the launch of the Columbia TriStar Television Group.

The studio's US distribution arm, Columbia TriStar Television Distribution, was fully launched in 1996 to distribute Sony's programs all across America and to produce and distribute their own programs as well as movies for first-run syndication and cable.

In 1996, CTT launched their own animation division, Columbia TriStar Children's Television. The name was changed in 1997 to Adelaide Productions. Within dismantling of Columbia Pictures Television in 2001 and TriStar Television in 1999, these studios were folded into Columbia TriStar Television. On October 25, 2001 CTT and CTTD merged to form Columbia TriStar Domestic Television.

The end of CTT Edit

On September 16, 2002, Sony Pictures Entertainment retired the name "Columbia TriStar" from television and renamed the American company to Sony Pictures Television. Some shows continued using the CTDT name, many stopped using in November 2002, whileHollywood Squares continued using it until early 2003.

Scare Factor Edit

low to NIGHTMARE!!! : Depending on how loud it is. The 6 note Fanfare can fright some people, for Bob, Larry and Junior (B.L.J) it's none, they like that logo. 


Columbia TriStar Domestic Television alt00:04

Columbia TriStar Domestic Television alt. logo (2001-A)

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