Columbia Showcase Theater Logo00:23

Columbia Showcase Theater Logo

Nicknames: "The Blue Robe", "Jenny Joseph"

Logo: We see a realistically rendered body of water that appears to be bubbling, complete with a sky. A large yellow pedestal then rises out of the water, with a hole in the center that lights up, and the 1993 Torch Lady rises out from the middle of the pedestal while a blue robe flows around. The blue robe causes a scene transition to occur, as we view the spinning Torch Lady from upperhead. Then, we fade to a shot of the giant gold chiseled text "COLUMBIA", in its usual font, flying across, before we fade to a profile shot of the Torch Lady, with the blue robe covering her eyes. Then, we fade to a shot of "SHOWCASE THEATRE", in the Trajan Pro font, flying around, before fading yet again to a back shot of the Torch Lady. As the text flies around, a flash results in a full-panel view of the standard Torch Lady, with the text in its completed positions. The text and lady move a bit as her torch shines.

FX/SFX: The steps and Torch Lady rising and the words flying in and taking place. Incredible CGI. Some people like this logo better than the standard movie logo.

Cheesy Factor: For some reason, the torch lady's face is obscured. Maybe it's because the logo makers don't want to show the face of Jenny Joseph and want to show the composite face, which was difficult to put in the logo due to it being a live-action turnaround.

Music/Sounds: A rising, majestic orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Rare. Can be found on syndicated airings of some Sony Pictures-owned films such as Stuart Little 2, Under Suspicion, and The Glass House, among a few others.

Scare Factor: None.

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