Paramount Closet Killer 1969a
Closet Killer is a Paramount Television logo used from September 1969-July 4 2008 on most Paramount Television shows from that era, such as The Brady Bunch, Star Trek, and Happy Days.


Same appearance as the 1st closet killer logo except the background is red, the larger rectangle is blue, the Paramount mountain and the stars around it mountain are blue, and the smaller rectangle is white (the mountain is cut off at the bottom in this version). The zoom on the square is still intact.

Scare FactorEdit

High to nightmare. The mountain drawing, the red background, the zoom, and the very dramatic fanfare have given many bad memories.

Continue This Stage Has, A All Episode for after The Credits of Kel And His Bros On MTV

Watch if you dare!Edit

Paramount Closet Killer Logo

Paramount Closet Killer Logo