CityTV Great Movies intros 1978-200301:32

CityTV Great Movies intros 1978-2003

CityTV (now City) is a Canadian TV channel, focusing mainly on news and local programming.

The first starts with a flash with the words "NOW PLAYING" seems to be duplicate, people dances, man comes out to the pair, then we see the women shimmering, then the man smoking and the words "GREAT MOVIES" slides in.

The second starts making with a filmstrip with the words "GREAT MOVIES". The people points to the filmstrip. A few seconds later, it zooms to the words "NOW PLAYING".

The third starts with a city pans with the logo with person opens it. We pan to the words "GREAT MOVIES".

The fourth starts with a flying UFO. The screen fades to the city to pan UFO. The hockey puck falls down to launch to the theater.

Their fifth logo starts with a city panning down.

Everything is preceded by the bumper.

Scare factor: Low (to medium) for the first and second ones. The music may scare.

Minimal for the third ones. Same as above.

None for the fourth and fifth ones. Just boring.

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