Cinerama Releasing (1972)00:18

Cinerama Releasing (1972)

Nicknames: "The Spinning C", "Rainbow C"

Logo: In the center of a black screen, we see some multicolored layers in an arc wiping onto the screen and spinning around. As this happens, a thick blue arc fitted with the layers wipes on forming a "C" shaped logo. The logo zooms out to the left and stops spinning. Finally, the words "CINERAMA RELEASING CORPORATION" zoom up within the opening of the C, and spread outside towards the right. The word "FROM" fades in to the left of the C.

Variant: There is a variation of this logo where the words in a thicker font and are italicized. Another is that the FROM is moved from the left of the C. Below it is CINERAMA RELEASING. This can be seen on Ben for example.

FX/SFX: It's all cel animation, like most other logos of the era.

Cheesy Factor: The colors are gawdy, and the animation of the words are very tacky.

Music/Sounds: Mostly silent. In other cases, it uses a bombastic brass fanfare.

Availability: A pretty tough find. ABC Picutres films such as Charly were seen with this logo, but are likely to be plastered with the MGM logo as on the 2005 DVD release of the former. However, it is intact on the Criterion Collection DVD and MGM Blu-Ray of Straw Dogs, The Criterion DVD of The Honeymoon Killers, and a VHS of Take The Money And Run. Also has been found on an Australian airing of Hell In The Pacific.

Scare Factor: Medium to high. The black background, gawdy colors, and the presence of a sudden, bombastic brass score may get to more than a few.

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